Connect BatterySensorNode to Azure IoT Hub


is there an instruction on how to connect the impAccelerator battery power sensor node?
It’s based on the imp003 and the code example found is for the imp001.


The connection to IoT Hub is from the agent, and is the same whichever model of imp you’re using.

Hi Roger,

It seems a bit complicated from our side. Perhaps it has to do with the version in combination with the IDE.
There is sample code for autoregistering a device (as above).
What we now discover is that there are 2 IDE’s. The IDE’s require a different login and are on a different website:
My team members can get it running using the second URL first time right.
I am 100% sure I also got it running on the other IDE and have it connect to azure. Doing that at this moment generates an error message in “AzureIoTHub.agent.lib.nut:2.0.0”. So that is weird.

Remember, 100% newbie so I might be asking simple questions:

  • what is the difference between these 2 IDE’s?
  • Has there been a platform update over the weekend that can explain this?


AMQP is currently disabled on the normal developer servers. See

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The latest release (v2.0.0) of the AzureIoTHub uses AMPQ. While the AMQP API is disabled please use AzureIoTHub release v1.2.1 which uses HTTP.

There is an example folder in the repo that sends generic device data to Azure.