Community Hangout - Thurs (Sept 19) 2:30pm PDT

Hey imp-friends (frimps?)

We’re going to be having a community hangout this Thursday (Sept 19th) at 2:30pm PDT (that’s 9:30pm UTC for all you folks not on the west coast). We’ll post a link here, on twitter, and on facebook when it becomes available.

We’ll be talking about our new open beta, some brand new features that haven’t had documentation written quite yet (hello agent hashing!), and be taking questions about anything/everything.

We’re going to be doing a Hangout on Air this time so that more people can drop in and watch. With Hangouts on Air, we lose some of our ability to communicate directly with the audience… so, if you want to show off some code, hardware, or a project, let me know in advance and I’ll do my best to make sure you have some time to shine.

If you guys have any questions before it happens, let me know here (or in a private message)!

Just FYI, Sept 19th is international “Talk like a Pirate Day”, so I’ll be expecting quite a few "Arrrr"s and “Aye”'s and “Matey” this and that… and maybe a Electric Imp parrot or something… :slight_smile:

There may or may not be a talking pirating monkey…

Here is a link to the hangout - a video should magically appear in it tomorrow.

Once again - if you want to demo anything, please let me know before hand :slight_smile: