Code Sharing Guidelines

Hi everyone

We encourage imp users to share thoughts, ideas, creations, and, of course, their code with each other as we all embark on this exploratory impish adventure together. That being said, please follow the below guidelines for posting and/or sharing code:

  1. Use others’ code at your own risk. electric imp will not assume any responsibility for the result of any and all code sharing via this forum. Please be sure that you trust or appropriately vet the source of the code you are using.
  2. Please use link (GitHub, etc) whenever possible.
  3. When posting code on the forum, ensure that your code appears correctly by selecting the “C” tab that is an available option at the top of new post and post your code within the “code” tags.
  4. Keep your code as succinct as possible when posting it in a forum post.
  5. Use the “attachment” feature for long(er) code.