Code auto backup

I am almost fainted when i saw my code was gone…
i having two imps with two set of code (controlling Aquarium & controlling kitchen).
i am using Microsoft surface as my editing PC.
i was clicking and switching between two imp code via IDE using touch screen and pen.
and suddenly both imp became the same code, my kitchen control logic was gone replace by Aquarium control code.
i cant retrieve my old code, it was completely gone…

my device id was 20000c2a69023be3 (supposedly to control my kitchen)
Can you revert my code?

i wish to have a version backup feature in IDE.
or provides a buttons to backup all my imp code in to my email.

email and include the build number you want to go back to - we can then email you the code. Old builds are archived but not yet accessible from the IDE UI.


Will there be an option in the future to download the code in a zip for manual backup purposes?

Coming up there will be command line tools for all users. You can then develop the code on your local machine, have it in git, etc.