Cloud services

Hi ^^ !

I’m a new user of the Electricimp and want to know if it’s possible to store some data in the Cloud in then to access to this data using a browser and see what’s contained in the cloud.

I found nothing about how to handle data in the cloud and/or just to see it

Thanks for the help

For small amounts of data, see and server.load(). You get 64kB of data per agent.

Are you trying to store data collected from a device?

As @Hugo says, and server.load() are good for small amounts of data.

I use it to save my device’s settings in case the power is cut. When the device restarts, it asks the agent for its settings; when the agent restarts, it gets the settings from the permanent storage.

You can read more about this in our Developer Guide ‘Persistent Storage’.

If you need to store more data than 64KB, you can use a third-party web service, accessed via the agent. Our Sample Code section has classes that allow you to quickly add support for the most popular ones.