Cloud electric imp

good morning

I wonder about a point
when we want to interact with an element on a local network via http request
obligatorily used by the cloud electric imp
if the cloud electric imp is down or no longer exists, how does it ?

If you need local access, you will need to interface the imp to a secondary wireless system. The imp itself can only communicate with the Electric Imp Cloud.

We have systems in place to guard as best as we possibly can against outages. As for no longer existing, Electric Imp is very well funded and some very big names have put their trust in us. We are confident we’ll be around for many, many years to come.

it means that I do not talk a local material (ex: )
electric imp has to go through the cloud to return to discuss with local materials with public IP address

Correct, you do not talk to a local IP endpoint, but you also do not need to talk to a public IP address. The easiest way is for one agent to talk to the other agent, both of which are available on the cloud. Of course this only works of both endpoints are imps. Or both of them talk through an iot data service such as PubNub, see the excellent material on the Community page.