Certifications on final product

Though electric imp has the certifications, the product I am building has to carry the same certifications for the product. Or does the certification on the electric imp implicitly mean that my product is certified??

Don’t think so.
Imp is terribly good, while your code or hardware implementation might be terribly bad…

Does your product include additional emitters like bluetooth? I believe with the FCC, if the imp is the only wireless emitter then your hardware is tested as an untintentional radiator, but I am no expert. Good FAQ http://www.bureauveritas.com/wps/wcm/connect/bv_com/Group/Home/About-Us/Our-Business/Our-Business-Consumer-Products/Resources/Frequently+Asked+Questions/FCC.

@ballawc Correct for FCC, with the module.

If the imp module is the only wireless in the device, then you only do unintentional emitter testing and reference the imp cert report, and mark the PPQ-IMP002 FCC module ID on the outside of the final product. Your test lab will be able to give you more details.

If you’re using the card, then this counts as user installed; the IMP001 has product-level certifications (like PCMCIA wifi cards have) and hence your product will also just need unintentional emitter testing.

For the CE it’s more complex, see http://www.rtteca.com/TGN01%20-%20May%202013.pdf - there’s no such thing as modular approval in the EU. See section 3.2 para 4, though, which implies that you may not need to do testing with a module that already has R&TTE testing done (as ours does) with an integral antenna. Check with your approvals lab.

Thank you for the clarification Hugo!