Case or enclosure for the Hannah Dev Board

Has anyone tried making a case for the Hannah Board? Or know where to buy one?


I don’t know of any, and I spend some time scouring the available enclosures. It shouldn’t be hard at all to whip up a nice enclosure in Sketchup or some other modeling program and get it 3-D printed by Shapeways, ect. In the mean time, Bud Industries and Hammond Manufacturing make many of the small project type enclosures that are on the market, and those are available from Digikey and Mouser. If you do decide to make a case, and want to sell it, LinkSprite is working on a program where they will take your enclosure design and help you sell it. Its called Friends-helping-Friends.

That’s my plan but I’ve never done any 3D models and will likely miss on the first try. But yeah I guess that’s the way to go. Try catch try catch try catch finally :slight_smile:

Sketchup is really easy, and they have fantastic tutorials. There is also website called that can help you find local folks with 3D printers.