Can't load/execute code into the imp

I’ve configured the imp with the iphone app. When it boots, it blinks green slowly.

The device shows up in the planner and the boot is recognized in the log w/ no errors.
If I then click the “play” button it (the button) spins forever. Eventually the imp stops blinking.

And, there I sit. What is wrong? This is with the simple “blank” code. I’ve tried editing my own code and it won’t upload or run. Again the button is replaced with a spinning blocky circle. No errors, no popups, no help.

Surely there is a tutorial somewhere that describes exactly what is supposed to happen in a step-by-step fashion. At this point I’m just guessing at what it should be doing.

Hmm, that sounds like an issue with your browser talking to the frontend site. What browser are you using?