Cannot connect electric imp to an older apple wi-fi router

I cannot connect electric imp to an older apple wi-fi router. These are the configurations …

radio mode - 802.11 b/g compatible, higher versions not available
channel - auto or select between 1 - 11, I have tried auto and some channels manually
wireless security - 128 bit - I could not try without a password because apple would not allow that.

Are the above configurations supported by electric imp??

Yes all those are supported. However, using WEP means you will need to know your “equivalent network password” - apple devices on WEP used a different function to turn ASCII passwords into hex than everyone else in the world, and that was a pain for any non-apple devices. See this thread for how to get your hex password:

…however, the much more secure solution would be for you to switch to WPA or WPA2 encryption for your network. There are no password gymnastics required then.

The same for older Cisco AP’s when using WEP. Converting the key to 26 hex characters worked for blinkup. Just 26 characters of 0-F, no hashes and no 0x’s.

The older Cisco AP’s are really only used by networking geeks but they do make rugged, powerful home AP’s with lots of diagnostics.