Can the agent code log which "blinked" devices are connected to the network?

I need to be able to detect which blinked devices are on the network and have an if…then make a decision on the state.
Ideally I need to detect if a smartphone is on the network and communicate to the agent that it is connected or disconnected , and also a Blinked EIMP device doing the same.
The agent would log the in network devices and make a decision based on the who is connected.

As far as I know, you can’t scan for what is connected to the network. However, if the smartphone is running android, you can get an app called automagic, with that you can tell the agent for the device which network it is connected to.

The imp can’t help you with that certainly, and even with direct local network access you may well have issues (eg phones don’t necessarily stay associated with wifi unless their screen is on).