Can an agent wake an imp?

Can an agent wake an imp?

I’m pretty sure the answer is no, unless I’m missing something. I was thinking there might be a not-so-low power state in which everything except WiFi is unpowered, but presumably WiFi is the highest power thing anyway and so this isn’t useful.

My objective is to have a webpage button wake the imp, move a servo, then have it go back to sleep. I suspect the best option is to trade-off power usage versus responsiveness and have the imp deep sleep for X seconds/minutes at a time. Use an agent to handle the webpage button events, store the data server-side. Then when the imp wakes it grabs the data, moves the servo, and goes back to sleep. Is that my best option?

For really low power, you need to sleep and wake.

You can get approximately a 10x power reduction by enabling wifi power save (imp.enablepowersave()), and then you’re actually still online and hence the agent can send data to the imp any time (~7mA vs ~80mA).

I’ll have to do some calculations, but awesome - that’s really good to know. Thanks!