Tis the season to get imp-y
la la la la la
wifi-cards and blinky-uppy
la la la la la
dancing leds, talking ted’s and other random I.O.T.
Tis the season to get imp-y
la la la la la

Has anyone got any holiday season projects in the back of their minds?

I was thinking about making a Christmas tree ornament with an imp and some neopixels inside, if I could find or make a nice ornament enclosure. Maybe some kind of light diffusing plastic?

The tree lights will be on imp controlled power of course.

Here’s a few ideas I’ve had that I would love to see people run with:

  • Water level sensor for your tree that tweets when it needs water
  • A PIR chimney sensor so you can show kids that Santa really did show up
  • A Christmas ornament that your friends and family can send songs to (email / tweet / sms a song name that the ornament knows, and it will play it)
  • A set of Christmas lights that people turn on by donating to a good cause

Hmm… I like the song ornament. You might need a pretty large flash chip to store a decent amount of songs though, no?

Does anyone know of an ornament that you could easily put electronic guts into?