Build an RGB LED Pixel Clock with the Imp?


I am new to the Imp, planning to build an RGB LED Pixel Clock ( , ) and would like to know if this is possible with the Imp. Therefore two beginner’s questions:

1.) Can I connect the Imp with the Electric Imp April board to an Adafruit NeoPixel Digital RGB LED Weatherproof Strip 60 LED ( )?

2.) Can I use the Imp’s APIs to get the current time from an NTP server or HTTP server? Or should I connect to an RTC?


  1. @beardedinventor is working on NeoPixel code. You can take a look at it on github, but the consensus is that it won’t work until firmware 26 is released, so hopefully soon. I’m pretty giddy about hooking NeoPixels to an imp myself.

  2. Check out this thread for some information:

Thanks for the excellent starting points.