Budweiser redlight loses connection

Hello, I recently received the redlight and after finishing setup it will not respond to the test even while blinking green. I realize that is likely an issue on their end but it is also losing connection. If I power cycle it it will blink green for about a minute then go to sleep for about 30-45 seconds then start blinking red. The MAC address is 0C:2A:69:0A:7F:29.

Thank you.

Looks all ok on our end. Maybe try Budweiser tech support?

It just started flashing red/yellow (maybe connected to you checking it). Does that mean I need to reblink it?

Changed modems and it works perfectly. Thanks for the extra motivation to get rid of the piece of crap TWC one. :))

I definitely didn’t do anything to it… for reference, what TWC modem did you have problems with?