Budweiser Red Light time out

I received a Red Light a few weeks ago and have been unable to get it to work properly. I’m using the Android app on a Samsung Galaxy SIII with an ASUS RT-N56U router (WPA2-AES). When I run the app the card doesn’t seem to have any problems “blinking up” as it is giving me the one quick green blink saying it has received the info then is quickly connecting and giving me the slow green blink saying it’s connected to the router then going into standby like it should. The problem is when the app gets to step 4 and tries to connect to the light it is saying the light is “timing out” and not connecting. This seems to be confirmed during game time as it does not go off at all when goals are scored.

I have tried configuring it multiple times with my phone as well as with an iPad and also using bluestacks on my computer all with the same result. I have also tried connecting it to my router using WPS and have tried using my phones portable hot spot to configure the light to both ending with the exact same result described above. I know the Imp is connecting to both my router and my phones portable hot spot (when i tried it) as the MAC address for the card is showed up as a connected device on both the router and the phone.

I know other people have had this same issue as myself and was wondering if anyone was able to find a fix or if it’s a glitch with the Imp card. Any help would be appreciated.

Hey @Myrddin: Can you please send me the MAC address of your imp?

We’ll dig into some logs and see if we can figure out what’s going on.

Thanks for the quick response @beardedinventor . I sent you a direct message with the mac address.

Got it - I passed it on to the people who need to know, I’ll let you know what they figure out.

hi, i’m having the same issue. is there anything you can do to assist me. Has it been fixed? thanks

@mcaputo still waiting to see what they figured out with the mac address off my card.

I am having the same issue as well.
I hope this is solved soon.
My imp card does not go green. Flashes orange for a while and just stops.

It’s possible this was a processing issue at the red light factory; if the imp goes green then the imp is working just fine. PM’ing beardedinventor with your mac address is likely the best bet right now.

Same problem here, seems Budweiser sent us a faulty product. Has anyone heard of this unit actually working?

I assure you there are many, many thousand working lights out there - call Budweiser support if you are having issues.

Ya i ended up calling this bud light support number 1-855-283-7331 and talked to one of their people. It looked like my light wasn’t connecting to their system despite connecting to my router (and the internet) fine.

We went through a few troubleshooting steps (which i had already tried) and then told me to send the light back (there’s a return sticker for purolator in the pouch on the side of the box) and they would send me a new one, so hopefully it works.

Did they ever get back to you? I have the same problem. I can see the redlight connected to my router and the card flashes green, but the app fails to see it on the network and it is not working during tonight’s game.

I mailed the light back on June 14th so I doubt if i will get a new one before the playoffs are over but I will post here on whether or not the new one I receive is connecting to the network via the app.

I called the support last weekend, I was told by a very nice lady, that many of the Bud Lights were sent out with faulty IMP’s. She said they will send me another one. They are on back order and may take up to 3 weeks before they are sent out. The nice lady told me she has taken hundreds of calls on faulty IMP’s for the Bud Red Lights.

Of all support calls, I have seen on this forum, NOT ONE was Imp related.

@left888 Ya I was told pretty much the same thing by the support person I talked to. There was a batch of Imp cards that went out that were improperly configured so they are not connecting to the server (even though they connect fine to router and internet) that tells them when a goal is scored.

@Dolftraanberg I don’t know what you mean by “not Imp related” as there are 4 examples of Imp related problems in this thread alone, and I have found many other people complaining of the same issue we had. That being said it doesn’t sound like the Imp cards being sent out are defective per say just improperly configured (programmed), OR the app just doesn’t work properly on certain android phones which causes blink up issues.

@myrddin The imp cards are not “configured” in any way before being sent out; this is not how imps work - they self-configure based on what they’re plugged into.

If the imp connects fine to the router and the internet (slow green blink), the problem is not with the imp but with another part of the system - electric imp does not provide the entire solution here - but our bit is working fine.

Apparently not Hugo, sounds to me like you are trying to absolve yourself of any problem with the IMP cards. Maybe there is a bigger problem, however tech support is blaming it on faulty IMP cards and are replacing hundreds of them.

@left888 Absolutely attempting to absolve ourselves of any problem here, because the problem is not on our side. They may be replacing red lights, but not imps.

(what’s happening if, let’s say, the pin 1 of the imp is not physically connected to the Budweiser red light?
If the red light is controled by the pin 1, the well known contact issue of the SD socket may be the problem source.)