Budweiser Red light only flashes orange

Hoping someone can help me, we’ve never been able to get this red light working (keep trying every playoff though)
We’ve tried it at my place (linksys 4200 and Nexus7) and at my neighbours (dlink and Samsung Galaxy) and we can’t ever get the imp card to flash anything but orange. Wifi passwords are definitely correct.
Turn on the light, insert card, it flashes orange (not red, definitely orange).
When either of us try to config it, whether dim or bright, it flashes orange once or twice during the flashy screen but thats it. Occasionally I can get it to flash red like 5 times after I flashy screened it instead of just more orange, but then it just returned to flashing orange.
and of course it eventually times out. Not sure what the heck the issue is :confused:
mac 0c2a690140f5

It shouldn’t flash at all during the blinkup; if it is, then it’s not getting the signal. As Budweiser have been shipping a version with the integrated module (vs the card) for a while, it’s likely your card has an old OS version and hence isn’t happy with the android blinkup.

Find an iOS device (phone, ipod, ipad) to configure it first time and it will auto update - then you should be ok using the nexus.

I shall track down an iphone and give it a shot, thanks)

Thanks Hugo, Red Light online one minute after grabbing an iPad and working on android two minutes after that