Budweiser Red Light Imp Code

I have a Budweiser Red Light, which uses the electric imp card to connect to WiFi. When a goal scores for the selected team, the light will go off. I am curious to try and find the code for it. I want to know where it is getting the signal from to signal a goal. I’d also like to configure it to go off for other sports. Any suggestions? – Is it possible to change/access the written code on a commercial imp, or would I have to purchase a developer imp?

Thanks in advance, sorry if I wrote anything that doesn’t make sense. I researched as much as I could about how the imp works, the code, etc.

People building the imp into their own products, get to choose whether or not the code is readable or editable by their end-users. I don’t know which options that particular customer actually chose, but it’s quite plausible that they would have chosen no-access, not least because they had to license in that data-feed from somewhere.


I’ve got one of these devices, and my only problem is that the device fires off about 5-7 seconds before I see the goal on TV. I’d love to introduce a delay to the light (seems trivial based on reading the programming language structure), but the customer service won’t pass my request/issue to the developer instead saying nothing can be done to fix this…

Any ideas how to introduce a delay to the light/signal? Or is it possible to buy a different imp card as write a completely seperate code to run on the hardware (not relying on buds special servers)?

I have a red light also, and I have the opposite problem… the goal is scored, and sometimes up to 10 seconds later the light and horn go off… I too would like the code, and create my own housing for baseball where when the bluejays score, a horn and light go off… it should be pretty simple, and with their code, we could easily change it to a different team and have the Imp go and look at another website that updates baseball scores… please help!