Bud red light

I am using xplornet for my wifi
I cannot get the bud light to connect
Any suggestions?

please give some more info, like led codes.


after blink up i get nothing from the IMP, no light is coming on at all

when loading IMP i get red and orange flashed followed by quick green and then nothing

that means you are connected…

the light and sounds work when you hit the test button
when installing the IMP card is it to remain red until it connects to wi fi?

when you see a green light (even only very quick), you are connected and don’t have to blink up again

ok thanks’
i still get the time out notice and could not connect notice.
Unit is not going off when goal is scored?

I don’t have a red light, but if you still have a problem, it is not Imp related

thank you for your help