Bluetooth BLE for IMP

What might be the cheapest, easiest BLE component to easily add to an IMP?

@uncleunvoid I’ve been looking at BLE112 has a very simple serial interface so can be hooked to imp uart

Data sheet

Brake out

They are so ridiciously small…

Sorry is that a complaint? if so…

How would that be a complaint?
BTW : When will we see more compact IMPs?

They will come… :slight_smile:

… and are on their way :slight_smile:

Hey, @cloudcontrol, how have you been using the BLE112? This looks like it might be a good fit for a plan I have to link an imp to a Bluetooth LE Beacon for presence detection: app detects beacon, app signals imp, imp knows user is nearby. What I don’t want to have to do is try and write a Bluetooth stack for the imp!

Tony 2 use cases

  1. extend my granny monitor for use with which has BLE interface. So imp replaces smart phone as cloud gateway.

  2. Same/similar to yours I was looking to use as you can network them together and have Ibeacon code. But would have to use i2c to module from imp as they used the uart interface.

Is Aron saying there will be BLE in the imp003 though it was going to be a ref. design?

Thanks, Lawrence - I’ll take a look at those URLs.

Sorry, but the imp003 references was in response to @uncleunvoid’s question about smaller imps, not imps with BLE.