Bluetooth 4-2

I have been reading the spec on Bluetooth 4-2 and wondered if EI has plans
on a device that meet those specs?
Obviously, WiFi has 2 problems:

  1. Power hog
  2. Slow response

I have noted a 6ma current draw in low power mode for the IMP002.

No plans for bluetooth 4.2, no.

WiFi uses wifi amounts of power. It’s not a power hog in itself, but it was never designed to work at the powers bluetooth does.

I don’t get the slow response bit. Bluetooth is generally slow response (as low power is achieved by sleeping a lot and hence not listening for connects). WiFi is generally very fast, though in powersave mode it’s a bit more leisurely (eg can be ~300ms response… but bluetooth is often configured in a mode where it takes 2.5s to respond…)