Blinkup through radio waves?

I designed a prototype and sent it out for an initial round of review, the light blinkup seemed to excite the customers a lot initially but later the customers were bit unsure about it, as it left a cutout hole on the body/casing of the product.

I think I had read somewhere that the light blinkup would eventually be done away with and the network details would be transferred through radio waves. Is that still the plan or any progress on doing away with the light blinkup?

Not sure where you read that; no, there are no plans to change how blinkup works. You can obviously seal holes or use light pipes.

You can configure over BTLE - we’ll be providing an example for this - but this does mean you have to (a) add a BTLE chip and (b) you will have to re-do wireless approvals as modular approval doesn’t apply if there’s more than one radio transmitter in the same product.