Blinkup stuck at resolving server name

I tried to blinkup my imp many times but every time it got stuck at resolving server name. Blinkup guide says “check the DNS settings on your router. Some early imps got confused by the ‘DNS Relay’ mode on some routers: try disabling this mode if need be.”, but now I have to connect my imp to a public network, so I can’t do anything to the routers.

Does anyone have idea on the reason and how to solve it? Thanks a lot!

What sort of public network is it? If it’s the sort where you’re taken to a “landing page” where you enter a username and password into a web form, then the imp doesn’t yet work with those I’m afraid.


I’ve been through this also. The term is called “captive wifi”. This is common in many places. To determine if it’s “captive”, try connecting with a laptop or tablet. If you have to go to a webpage in order to log-in, it’s “captive”.

I would say that either a public network will be “captive” (and free to connect), or they have a wifi network name and password (WAP2). Other than some private homes that have unprotected wifi, I’ve never seen an ‘open and free’ (unprotected) wifi in public for a long time now.

The “captive” part (the website) can contain advertising too, so that’s a way for them to allow free wifi.

Thank you guys. Here the public network is a free network that covers the university. Different from the secured one, it doesn’t require the user to enter a password or to log in as a student or faculty.

My phone can connected to the Internet through this network without any problem, but my imp seems to have trouble getting in.

Fine, but when you go on this network with a laptop, if you don’t have a browser open, and try doing “telnet 31314”, does telnet connect or do you get an error?

Sometimes the open networks will only allow certain services. The imp port number may not be one of them.