BlinkUp Needed?

Hello, i am trying to use an IMP, already used in the past.
I am not able to complete the BlinkUp process, i keep getting this error:

I do see a serial number in my IDE [see attached] -
maybe i don’t need to go through the BlinkUp process?

Looking FWD to hear from you guys n’ Thanks. Jaimie

The device isn’t online - what you see in the IDE is the data from when the device was last connected (which wasn’t in the last month from what I can see).

When did you last use it, and what’s the MAC address of the imp?

Thanks for your help. I used it more then a year ago. MAC: 0c2a69000523.

Yeah, according to the database it was last used in October 2012 :slight_smile:

What phone are you using? Back then the OS really didn’t deal well with android, so you might need to use an iOS device to blinkup. Back then we also didn’t have quite the same blink codes as I remember…

I’m using an iPhone ;(

so I do need to do a new BlinkUp?
This is the error I’m getting:
Thank you for your help.

What’s your router? Do you have any outbound restrictions on traffic? MAC address whitelisting, etc?

thank you Hugo for your help, please see attached outbound traffic information you asked about. This is the error I keep getting getting:

I can’t tell much from your phone screenshots, I was more asking about the router being used. From the blinkup code you’re seeing I’d say the blinkup is working fine but the imp’s 2012 software is somehow upset with your router.

Can you try another wifi network so the imp can upgrade itself? After that point you may be in a happier place.