BlinkUp for Wifi network with interstitial page not working

Hi there,

I am trying to do a BlinkUp in a place where the WiFi shows an interstitial page that requires a username/password. I understand BlinkUp doesn’t support that. But is there a workaround for this? Can I access the imp using some IP address or something? Is there even a temporary workaround for this?

It’s quite frustrating that BlinkUp won’t work beyond u/p. Many of our customers have an interstitial page for their WiFi so not sure how I can make this work.


The only way around this is to use a forwarding router which will join this network and broadcast another private network. You can then login with a phone/laptop and get through the interstitial page to enable network access.

At that point the imps will then work.

If your customers can set up a hidden SSID which only allows imp mac addresses to connect and is firewalled apart from port 31314, then that’s an alternative.

To me, the answer would be to whitelist all of the Imp MAC addresses on the network appliance that is routing traffic.