BlinkUp Connexion Problems ? Advices for iPad / iPhone users... 100% working now!

I spend hours with Orange Blink !! … finally got a solution … then …
…Another lot of hours from Orange blink to Red Blink :smiley: … finally got a solution … then …
…now finally solved my last problem.

The Red blink go to Green Blink. YAHAHA …

My 3 tips for winning :

  1. Stupid but > On your iDevice, set the backlight to 100%.
  2. Not so stupid but > For Ipad, disable the auto-ambiantLight Sensor.
  3. Important > iPad : Dont use the BlinkUp app in fullscreen !!! Use the iPhone size
    (press the 1x button right down).

After this, I got green status at every tries…

Hope this help…

Cheers Chon

@ElectricDevTeam > Check the last point, I think the app is running slower in fullscreen on iDevice.
This cause bad connexion, or poor connection with lot of BER --> = data jitter between app and imp.

I did something similar on my iPad, and also spend a long time trying to make it work. Didn’t document the steps as nicely as you did, though.
May come in handy for many others.

We do turn the brightness up, but I don’t think we’ve nailed the right API for this as sometimes it turns down again just before blinkup starts. We’re revising the iOS app right now so will fix the bugs (and have native iPad support so there’s no scaling stuff)

glad to have someone reading my post and acting to inform the Dev team.
I Really appreciate.
First time I got an answer so quickly on a forum.
Great Job !!

Isn’t there any signal redondancy implemented into the blinkup system, allowing a greater sensitivity and noise immunity?
( I have this problem with my HTC sometimes, even if the screen luminosity is 100%).

There is CRC checking, and we have been working on a new scheme for android that embeds a clock in the signal to improve reliability as androids tend to drop frames all over the place… whereas iOS devices pretty much never do.

I’ll be happy to beta test improved Android scheme. My LG-P500 hasn’t worked once with standard or slow version. We had better results with an HTC but even then not as good as an iPod.