Blinkup App on Android: "Cannot connect to server"

This is the message I get when I try to login (first screen).
I don’t know which server the app is trying to connect to. I can use my phone’s browser to connect to and login there, so I don’t know why the app can not connect to it.
Any clues?

The app is meant to configure your imp. it doesn’t connect to whatever server.
The imp has to connect to the electricimp server. but before it can do so, it has to connect to your wifi router. And for this, you use the blinkup app to let the imp know how. So you have to supply your wifi credentials in the blinkup app

Using the Android app I always get an ‘Unexpected server response’ when I press the login button. Pressing it a second time works okay.

DolfTraanberg wrote:

"The app is meant to configure your imp. it doesn't connect to whatever server."
Then why does it give me this error message?

I believe the app first tries to retrieve a token from a electric imp server (but it might not be the one at, which it then uses to assemble a message, together with the user’s wifi credentials, to blink up to the imp.

In my case, the first step fails. I like to find out why.

Today, for some mysterious reason, the app works. Maybe it was a temporary slow internet connection (I’m in China) that prevented the app from connecting to the server.

The blinkup process itself worked flawlessly, using a Samsung Galaxy Note. Got a green blip at the first try. Seconds later the imp got connected, and downloaded its firmware.