BlinkUp app for Windows Phone or desktops

Can we have a BlinkUp app for WindowsPhone, too?

Or simply a supported version for Desktop OSes like Windows and Mac?
Maybe even, use the CAPS LOCK LED if you can’t get the screen timings right.

I’m a developer and would love to make BlinkUp work on the Windows Phone. Is there a library/code/specifications/any information I can get at to help me with this? Does Electric Imp have plans to create an app for the Windows Phone in the near future?

There was a blink up for windows here but its gone.

can anybody help me find it?
It worked better in my vaio than in my Galaxy S4

I send you one private message.

Once you have blinked up once, the old developer edition cards will work fine with android as blinkup improved in later releases. It’s just getting these old cards online can be problematic.