Blink-up wifi credentials without an account? Semi-blessed?

Hi, I’ve started deploying hardware to beta testers but the WiFi credentials are becoming a deployment hurdle. The hardware and imps are registered against my name but I’d like the users to only have to enter their WiFi credentials. Here’s how it’s been playing out:

Testers meet me to collect the hardware, I get them to enter their WiFi credentials into my iphone to be blinked-up (not a good look). Often people with ISP supplied home routers have cryptic SSID’s and they get it wrong, or get the password wrong, or the blink-up doesn’t work properly but it’s all a big unknown until they get home and try. If it doesn’t work then I have to tee-up a time and place to try again, and then sometimes again.

Is it possible to have an app that just lets the end-user set only the WiFi SSID and password? That way I can associate the hardware with my account, ship the hardware, have the end user blink-up just their WiFi credentials, then relax.

(Also is it possible to have the IMP give some feedback about the blink-up being successful when the actual WiFi access-point isn’t present? Maybe a few flashes orange.)

Thank you for a great product,


This is addressed by the commercial imp package - you get the blinkup libraries to include in your application, where you can blink the device up and be told what the agent URL is immediately upon connection.

You can also then easily deploy code to an installed base with a single click.

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On blinkup: if the blinkup was received ok, then you will see a short green flash at the very end of the process. The LED on the imp will then also flash various red patterns (wifi network not found) vs orange (no settings).