Blink-up the wifi config w/o smartphone?


Is there another way to blink-up the wifi config to the imp? It is a pain having to get a smart phone to do this. Perhaps you could make another device to do this? Or perhaps there is another way to do this via the pins?

I tried doing the windows blink-up on a virtual machine(downloaded win 8 rc) on my win xp box, but it was too slow and didn’t work.



You can use any iOS or Android device (including media players, eg iPod touch, or iPad). This is currently the only way to configure the imp.


I have an Iphone 2g, but the code requires 4.x operating system. The highest operating system available for 2g is 3.x. So, I cannot download and run the imp app. Could the imp app run on lower operating systems? Could you modify the 4.x requirement?

It sounds like the Andriod phones are hit or miss, based on what I have read on the internet. Either way, it would be nice to configure the wifi configs w/o having to rely on a smartphone.



Android is a little hit & miss, but we have a new version which is a lot more compatible; if you’d like to test it, PM me and I can send you the APK.

Not sure about the 4.x requirement, I’ll take a look. Things get murky pre 4.1!

Please send me the APK for android.