Blink Up problems Today

I have a total of 3 imp001 running here. I just received 2 more from Digikey today. When I tried blinkup on either of them all they do is blink orange, indicating No WiFi settings. What does that mean really anyway? I then tried blinkup on one of the other ones running and they blinked up just fine. So why are these 2 new ones having issues ?

I also tried legacy mode as well, same results

Sounds like the two new ones are loaded with an old version of impOS. Getting them online will cause them to download the latest version, which really improves BlinkUp with Android. See if you can borrow an iPhone and BlinkUp with that. This will get the devices to download the latest firware, and they you can re-blink with your own device for your own network.

imps ship with no WiFi settings - ie. no SSID or password. When the imp starts it checks those settings - if they are blank, it flashes the LED orange.

More BlinkUp info here

ok, what if no iPhone, now what ?

Is the a win PC app to make my monitor flash ?

For imp001 cards, my own personal BlinkUp technique is to lay the phone down flat on top of the April board (so the screen of the phone is facing the imp logo on the card.) The white plastic is somewhat translucent, so you’ll still get a lot of light to the sensor, but the ambient light level will be greatly reduced.

I’ve attached a picture to show what I mean.

Thanks gino, Tired it that way and was able to get them both going!