Blink up does not work


I have an IMP002, that is in my case and I can only get the Blinkup to work in “Legacy BlinkUp Mode”. Even though I have been using this imp for a few weeks and it does connect to the internet and my application does work. I can NEVER get blinkup to work not in Legacy BlinkUp Mode. Why?

I do know that Legacy Mode does tend to run a little slower, which is okay. But normal mode, all bets are off on BlinkUp

Any ideas???

I suspect your phototransistor is tuned too “hot” (ie it’s too sensitive, and you need to reduce the tuning resistor size to reduce the voltage swing). This tuning process is required when you integrate the imp002 in your design, as different phototransistors and optical paths will have different gain.

Legacy blinkup is black & white only, but that works poorly with many android phones as they drop multiple frames during a blinkup, and legacy can only deal with a limited number of drops. Trilevel (the default on android) requires the imp to be able to tell the difference between black, white, and grey. If the gain is too high, everything looks like black and white.

iOS devices don’t drop frames, hence they just use black & white.

See the guide here for more info:

…a quick experiment before diving in to the real tuning is to put something to attenuate the light between the phone and your device, eg a piece of paper, and re-try normal blinkup mode.