Blink up completes but can not connect

DSL router gives IP address but will not connect. I can connect IMP to MIFI device and phone wireless but will not connect thru DSL modem.

LED blink red then amber off red then amber off red then amber off red off red off then restarts

using IMP001card

When you say that you can connect with MIFI/phone wireless, do you mean that you get a green light and you can see it OK when you log into the IDE?

Yes I get a green light and I can see it OK when I log into the IDE when I connect with MIFI or phone wireless. I have tried WPA and WEP with many different configurations with no luck on DSL modem.

Check out the BlinkUp Troubleshooting Guide. What you’re seeing suggests there’s some issue with your imp001 getting access to the Internet – I’d check your router config. There are some tips you can follow on the Troubleshooting page.

I have set DSL modem back to default with no password or firewall. I was able to connect once with IMP. I cycled power to IMP and it will not connect again.

I have a third IMP001 that I have not connected for a few months. I completed blinkup on it and it had green LED a few times but would not stay connected maybe it was doing updates. Now it is at same state as others with red then amber off red then amber off red then amber off red off red off then restarts

Sounds a bit like there’s an issue with the DSL modem setup; what model is it? What provider are you on?

Updates are solid green or short-long green flash. Red/amber/off is the device trying to DHCP, which implies that the DSL box is not giving it an IP address?

Westell DSL modem. Frontier is provider.
Software Version: VER:
Transceiver Revision: A2pB030s1.d23a
Model Name: A90-750044-07
I have phones and other devices that get DHCP IP’s from DSL modem without any issues.
If I check DSL modem software I see a IP address assigned to IMP MAC address. IMPs have connected to this DSL modem in the past. Thanks for any help you can provide.

If you see the imp has a mac address, can you ping it from another device on the network whilst the imp is flashing its LED?

Unable to ping .40 device. See attachment. DSL modem info on left.

after blinkup

Bit confused by the “after blinkup” picture. We don’t use port 23 or 5900 (5900 could be a local port but only if it was connected to port 31314 or 993 at the server end).

Are you sure that’s the right device you’re looking at?

.40 IP matches the :8d MAC address. I will blinkup again and check.

Completed successful blinkup. I see .40 IP with MAC :8d but can not find it in security log when LED’s are flashing red and amber.

I took all other traffic off of network by changing DSL modem password. Completed successful blinkup. Now I have 4 devices, DSL modem, phone, labtop, IMP. I see IMP on .39 IP with MAC :8d in security log using port 43098 and 443.

Port 23 is telnet, and port 5900 is X11. Inbound connection attempts to those ports sound like generic Internet port-scanning attacks… if you’re seeing those ports inbound to the imp, have you set up port-forwarding or a DMZ on your router? Neither of those is necessary for the imp: normal NAT will do, as the imp always connects in the outbound direction.


Can you explain the last post further I do not see port 23 or 5900? How should I trouble shoot this further?

The first security log you posted above had ports 23 and 5900. The subsequent ones have more random inbound connections - likely, as Peter noted, from someone trying to infiltrate your network. As he said, have you opened inbound ports on your NAT/firewall? This is generally not a good idea…