Blessing Test Results

Today we’ve noticed we’re not getting any test results when we bless devices. We are receiving the blessed web hook fine but not the test results web hook?

I’ve tried posting a sample webhook payload to our servers and everything is okay our end, has the format or anything changed?

Tuesday’s deploy included some changes in the way that “testresult” webhooks are invoked (it’s part of the groundwork for full-blown factory agents). Shortly after the deploy, we discovered one case in which test results webhooks might not get fired after blessing.

I’d be interested to know whether you’re seeing the same problem, in which case we have a fix ready to go, or if this is something different.

Would you be able to drop me a line at roger@{{you know the rest}}, and we can maybe do a Google Hangout (or Skype, or…) to see if these cases are the same. If they are, we have a patch ready to go. If they’re not, then I’d like to understand your particular use case better.

Whether you can or can’t, could you either email (or PM) me with some device IDs, and we can examine the log files.

Finally, my apologies for introducing this bug. Customers use the factory process in many different ways, and we don’t yet have regression tests for all them, so sometimes things fall through the cracks.

Sent you an email. Thanks