Blessing failed

somehow blessing is failing

server.bless(true, function(bless_success) // bless_success is always false

any idea?

This is heavily dependent on what you are trying to bless. Are you attempting to bless a production unit on an assembly line? If not, this will fail because you’re using it inappropriately, such as on a development device.

If the latter is the case, I presume you’re testing your factory firmware. If so, you can comment out this line during testing, or manually set bless_success in the body of the callback function to verify the code in that block.

I was testing my final blessing code. I used remove global bond to unbless the device and retest. It was working for a while and then stop working for a period. It started working again. So it is definitely in the correct environment.

I suspect it was a server maintenance that cause the failure. Without doing much, it started working again.

It would be great if we get notifications for server maintenance. Imagine if this happened during actual manufacturing run, time taken to bless the device would be wasted.

There was no server maintenance at that time, or outages, so that can’t be it. How was the internet connectivity?

If you file a ticket with the mac address of the device you were trying to bless, and a rough timestamp, that’d allow us to dig in a little more and see what was actually happening.

Maintenance is pre-announced via statuspage, you can sign up for notifications - see

The rough time is just before 12pm on 28/07/2016 AEST

MAC address needed, as noted.