Blessed sub-groups

We have an issue where since our devices are spread out around the world we find it hard to get a global time which is appropriate to push out an update to all devices. Is there a way to assign different blessed devices to different groups and deploy the firmware at different times based on that?

I know we could setup different versions for each region however they all come from the same factory and we don’t want to keep stock for different regions separately.

Production device group support is coming, though before that will be “polite upgrade” support where your code will get told there’s an upgrade pending and can pick a convenient (local?) time to take the upgrade.

“Polite upgrade” will be very helpful. I’ve noted that field devices will sometimes continue to operate for a few seconds with their old firmware, even though new firmware is queued for them. If the agent has already upgraded, any agent-device protocol changes between versions can cause some screw ups. It would be nice to handle this more gracefully.

Great news thanks Hugo