Bink up fail


I had a problem today
it was impossible to connect the electric imp wifi

the electric imp blinked like this

I tested with 1 iphone and ipad 1
unplugged , er reconnected nothing

unplugged wifi …

he has given no reason to run after half an hour

do you have any idea

Can you give more details about your router, settings, etc?

You will get that flash code if you are trying to blink the imp up to a 5GHz network, for example, or one on a channel it doesn’t support (if you are in europe, but using a US imp, it will only work if your router is on channels 1-11: it cannot “see” channels 12 or 13).

it is a European router ( France ) on which I am already connects.
I do not know what channel it diffussait

I’ll investigate the next time it happens

Sounds like it could be re-selecting its channel to 12 or 13, which means the imp then cannot connect. Unfortunately, the EU spec imp001s are not widely available… imp002’s you can get from digikey.