Becky availability?

I purchased the Imp devkit with the intention of building an AC outlet with power control and sensing… and then I came across reference designs doku page today that lists the “Becky” as “AC power control and power sensing”.  Awesome!  Hopefully it will be exactly what I wanted, but if not, I’d rather start with the reference design than completely on my own.

Any idea of when this reference design will be available?

I’ll put it up now :slight_smile:


Are there Gerber files available for the “Becky”?

We can give you gerbers, but you probably don’t want them. For a start, the SD connector used on becky is very old (designed before the form factor imps!) and so it doesn’t do good things to the antenna on the real imp.

We’re working on a more up to date design which is also cheaper.

Ok thanks. Any idea when the design will be available?

Would be thrilled to get the updated design for this!