Avoid moving an Imp to another account

Is there any way to avoid an already blinked-up imp to be moved to another account by re-blinking it?
I have to send an Imp driven device to some clients, but my project is too small to join the commercial licence, so I’m going to create a developer account for my client, but I want to be sure him not to re-blink the Imp card with other accounts (losing connection with right agent).
Thank You.

I’m afraid not. If you have physical access, you can do most things.

A blessed device is useless if you try to move it (as it won’t appear on anyone else’s account), but that’s for commercial customers.

remove the phototransistor? how severe does the protection need to be?

Thanks for answering.
I use the imp001, so the phototransistor is embedded in the card and it’s necessary for the client to set the wireless connection on first setup (it’s a remote client, I cannot setup the wireless for him).
I’ll try to deal with this issue.

May I ask you something that is not clear yet for me?
Is appling for commercial version raccomanded (or mandatory?) even for just 1 (or few) imp if used in production environment?

Thank you very much.

Don’t forget, @s2software, that you can include imp.enableblinkup(false) in your device code. It won’t prevent BlinkUp entirely, but can be used to limit BlinkUps use to the first 60 seconds after a power cycle.

Thank you @smittytone for your suggestion, I didn’t know about this function. This could be an acceptable solution.