Assing a static IP to the imp

I´m developing and system that use an electric imp. It works fine, but now the client is asking static IP to the imp device.
But, I just know configure the network using the blinkUp. I have no idea, how can i configure a static IP
Can some one explain me something about that
Thanks for advane

Currently there is no way to assign a static IP to the imp: it always gets its address via DHCP.

You aren’t the first to ask for this feature, though, so we intend to implement static addressing in a future release.


thanks a lot @peter

One way to achieve a consistent IP address is to have the client’s DHCP server have a reservation for the imp’s MAC address and always assign the same IP address. This is usually a simple measure and the client would have control over the IP address assignment. Quite honestly, this is often the best approach so you know where the device is in the IP scope.