Aria - Tiny imp002 module breakout - On Sale for $39 now!

Aria is now available on MakeDeck. I will be posting all of the related tutorials and information relevant to the board on this thread.

YouTube tutorial videos:
How To: Aria BlinkUp
How To: Using Aria with LiPo Battery, Charger and Neopixel
Imp to Imp Communication: Motion Sensor

jwehr || MakeDeck which should we use?

Re using batteries with Aria. A brief look at the TPS62172 it will work with an input voltage as low as 3v and shutdown at 2.7. Have you established what the Aria will work down too?

It also looks like it has an auto power saving mode that switches to 17uA on low load, hoping a deep sleeping imp will trigger that :slight_smile:

When I was first using the imp I used a 3.6v battery - Lithium Thionyl Chloride in single AA you can get 3.6Ah so I’m hoping I can use Aria straight as.

Either is fine. I’ll be using the two accounts to sort of separate the company from anything I do personally, but I’ve got no problem with anyone just referring to me as Joel. :slight_smile:

The Imp will work down below 2.7V, so there should be no problems doing that. The only issue I can think of is that VDDA will change, which will affect BlinkUp and anything else that uses a voltage reference.

I have about 18 green unpopulated Aria boards and I’ll throw one in with any Imp module orders if anyone is interested in building/hacking the board. You would have to buy the components, but you could build it without the reg if you just want to run it on battery power and have a very simple and small breakout.

Did those single AA’s hold voltage well to the end or did they fall linearly like a LiPo?

Joel I will test some AA and C cells and see but from memory they hold there voltage well. I don’t understand much on battery front he is the speck

BTW MakeDeck is great news for me & wish you guys every success.

Glad to hear it and thanks! I’m going to look into that battery type some more. I wonder if there is a coin cell shape that could be used with wearables.

I think the CR2477 has best storage but not sure any coin cell can supply enough current?
CR2477 Typical capacity (mAh): 1000, Standard discharge current (mA): 0.2

For reference have found this 3.7v 300mAh Li-Ion Rechargeable Coin Cell - assume these will work with C3V0

I can’t guarantee any particular battery that I haven’t tested, but it does look like the correct type. Just be careful with the charge rate on small cells. Default on C3V0 is 300mA, and you can short both jumper pads to go down to about 215 mA. That might actually be perfect for the Neopixel Necklace. The 500mAh battery makes it a little too heavy to be an earring, but this one might be the right size. 150 mAh batteries work, but they only last about 45 minutes, and you can’t crank the Neopixels all the way up.

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No, no coin cells will work to power an imp. This is because they have extremely limited maximum output current.

What you need are spiral-wound LiMnO2 cells, like the CR2 or CR123. These work fine, ideally with a 220uF capacitor in parallel which takes most of the high current load.

According to my meter, Aria drops to 22-23uA when the Imp goes to deep sleep, so the TPS62172 is clearly dropping into low power mode when the Imp deep sleeps.

Thanks for the sleep current just ordered 3 Arias shipping to uk is only £4 quid :slight_smile: thanks.

Thanks! I’ll get them shipped out today.

To help get your next project going, we have decided to slash the Aria price to $39! Get yours now!

Joel just got my 3 Aria’s these are so small, amazing compared to Aprils.
To get a sense size an Aria is a few mils bigger than an imp001 module :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work.
Wish I had time to use them :frowning:


Awesome! Can’t wait to see what you do with them. I’m actually considering making the Aria board even smaller. I’d like to remove the end with the header holes and make the board basically the same size as the module, I’ll leave long pads like the side so that you can install right angle or straight header, and then shrink the thickness of the board to something like the thickness of the Neopixel rings. Anyone have thoughts on that? I wouldn’t take away any functionality, just make it smaller.

Joel making a MK3 version of Granny monitor as have more pins more sensors smaller & foot print. PIR, Temp, Humidity, Light, Sound & may be Co2. The wee black one in photo is a MK3 mock-up based on tiny LED lamp I found in Ikea.

For any who are interested this is what we’ve built & learnt from Mk2

you could add this Sensor from Omron to the MK3 Granny Monitor. I think you can do a lot more of nice things with it.

@Chrischi that is one interesting sensor it’s what I call an occupancy sensor which is something of dark art and what is used in commercial lighting controls.

It’s near 70 USD and needs 4.5v @ 5mA a bit too much for battery power. But I’m working on a bed sensor using temperature and this would be something worth looking at thanks for the heads up.

BTW do you subscribe to a “new sensor” alert service? if so could you share


Is Mk4 going to have a C3V0 or are you going to stick with alkaline batteries? :slight_smile: