API to deal with all imps

Hello, i have some imps in use right now.

They could be used in critical situation and i would like to sms myself everytime one of them is offline for some reason.

It would be nice to have something like an api to deal with all at the same time instead of having to code every one of them to alert me.

Or else to have some code that could be imported by every imp.

any tips ?
thank you

FWIW, I have a class I use for managing device offline operation; I just drop it into every bit of device code I write. It doesn’t support the functionality you’d like, but it wouldn’t be hard to use a similar technique for what you want; likewise for the agent component that would contact the SMS service.

We push data to GroveStreams from all of our imps for logging, visualization of data, alerts, etc. They have a “latency” event that allows you to set up an action when that condition arises (haven’t received data for a specified period of time). We have them set up for all of our imps to send us alerts of they’re not communicating. Might be worth a look.

For just an alert it solves it but for other more generic stuff there should be a better way. to share code between imps.

That’s coming…