API for orbnext cube

We need to integrate orbnext cubelight with our web application, could you please let us know some brief idea.

Our use case:
We have a web application which gets some data metrics from some server and calculate the result and compare it with threshold, now based on the comparison we would need to call a http request(could be REST or something else, exposed as web service) which would would turn the light on cube. Say Green if its below threshold and RED if its above.

Appreciate your kind help


Hello Rajesh,

You could integrate your web application with the ORBneXt Developer Kit. You will need the following:

a. ORBneXt Developer Board - https://electricimp.com/docs/gettingstarted/devkits/
b. get a electric imp developer account
c. use the electric imp IFTTT library - https://electricimp.com/docs/libraries/

The ORBneXt Team