Android Phones

I didn’t see a thread or anywhere in the wiki that’s documenting which phones / devices are working well with the app, so I thought I’d make one.

I used a Nexus S 4G without any major issues. At one point though it wouldn’t work at all, but when I tried a different impee it worked; chalking it up to a fluke.

If this isn’t an appropriate area to do this, admins, feel free to delete it.

It’s in the wiki here:

…but maybe that’s not obvious enough.

Ahh, my bad! Didn’t look there. :">

Not sure if users are supposed to be able to edit the wiki, but I can’t. 

Just wanted to add that 1.0.0 worked great on my Nexus 7, will try 1.0.1 now.

Since this is a public forum and we want to ensure that its content is as reliable as possible, users don’t have edit rights for the wiki.  We will be glad to add any input or contribution that you have once it’s been appropriately vetted by us.

I’ve added Nexus 7 under "positive results."



The Droid X2 works great! first time every time :smiley: