Android App - Not working on Motorola Photon

Another data point for Android compatibility list: It doesn’t work on my (Sprint branded) Motorola Photon w/ Android 2.3.5.

Random question: Why don’t you just decrease the blinking frequency if the timing is so hard to get right?

There is a new blinkup scheme coming for android which removes the timing dependence, and should hopefully help with the awkward phones.

btw, did you try the half-speed version? That does drop the frequency.

Sorry, didn’t see you reply earlier. I think back when I tried this there weren’t any options like half-speed. Now I have a new phone (Galaxy S4) and today I tried for about half an hour to blink up an Imp with the current version of the app (also tried the “legacy mode”), but no luck. With the iPad it worked on the third try.

Now it’s blinked up (and has updated its software) can you try on the S4 again? We’ve not had failures with that in the office.