Alarm System Monitoring with the Imp

I just posted an example of using the Imp to monitor the state of a home alarm system at . I’d originally used a Raspberry Pi and Arduino but it took only a couple hours to learn about the Imp and port the Python code to squirrel.

Scott - Thanks for sharing.

Could you share some more details? I am working on the same project, as I have an existing security system in my house. Currently working on sorting out what the sensors are and how to connected them.

I am trying to do the same on existing security on doors, windows and sensors. seems simple, but so hard to do for newbie.=(

I have an imp connected to the serial of my DSC alarm (serial required an extra board). Currently my imp can arm/unarm the alarm as well as tell me (via push on my phone) when doors/windows open. As of right now, the imp talks to an app on my computer and the app does the push. I plan on moving all the logic the desktop app has over to the agents soon, but will still need the desktop app to do pushes for me…