Agent XML Support

Are there any plans to include XML parsing inside of Agents? I have a some legacy webservices that I would like to connect to that are built on XML, SOAP, etc. and have no JSON interface. Building XML strings is fairly trivial but the parsing is pretty tricky right now…

Is native XML parsing to a Squirrel table on the roadmap (similair to JSON)? What about the regexp class?

Has anyone attempted to do some XML parsing and have some example code to share?

me too have the same problem

check this web service wsdl

I would like to access it but dont know how to create an http post to call the SendSMS service

Any help?

Any input on this from @Hugo, @beardedinventor, or @peter?

I don’t think SOAP/XML support is on our roadmap right now… but I’ll put in a feature request to be reviewed.

@ramstein74: If your interested in sending SMS messages, I would take a look at Twilio - it’s what most people in the Electric Imp community (and outside of it) are using for a web based SMS service. There’s lots of examples of using it in our devwiki and on the forums if you search for it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update @beardedinventor. Native SOAP/XML support (similar to JSON support) would be great for some legacy webservices but I understand prioritizing resources and that it may not be a highly requested feature.

I did a quick experiment this morning and noticed that the regexp class looks like its now supported in Agents! I hadn’t seen this documented anywhere but with it in the toolbox I should be able to do what I need.