Agent Traffic

I have a very simple HTML page the responds to a Serial/Ethernet server. How much traffic can a single Imp Agent handle? If I have 2 or 10 of them spaced around the house and all 10 decide to contact the agent at once, is there any issue or confusion that may ensue? Thanks.

Imp-based devices and agents have a one-to-one relationship, ie. each device has its own agent. So if you’re talking about 2-10 imp-based devices, each will contact its own agent, so there’s no clash.

If you’re talking about other devices accessing a single agent via HTTP, then you run the risk of hitting a rate-limit. The limit is 20 open HTTP connections at any one time (ie. 20 incoming HTTP requests which will be picked up by your agent’s HTTP request handler). Your 10 devices should be OK, but there’s more info here.

Thanks. That’s what I was looking for!