Agent programming

Where can I find a “complete” Agent API documentation ?
Is there any book or soft doc somewhere on the web ?


General docs
API docs

What do you mean by “complete” ?

The docs @controlCloud pointed out include all of the Electric Imp APIs plus example code. Are you looking for something else?

OK beardedinventor. Maybe I’m thinking wrongly, but I got the impression that there is no book describing the full functionalities implemented.
So I preferred to ask you where I can study deeply the EI possibilities to build applications.
Is there any downloadable pdf collecting the whole API docs ?

Sorry, there is no book.

We actually just finished setting up a page that contains all of the API docs - you can find it here (note, it takes a while to load right now because of grabbing all the source code from GitHub, but we’re working on that).

You could just print it as a PDF if you wanted an offline version.

My very special thanks, beardedinventor !