Agent persistant data & re-blinkup

As described in the documentation, a device that is runing a production model (ie a blessed device), will change URL with every new Blinkup. Not very convenient but understandable from a security perspective; Question for me is that when this happen, I assume a new agent VM is instantiated and started. Does that new instance have access to the previous persistant data ( stored data), or is that also gone ?

No, the persistent data is also gone, for security reasons. It could be a totally different person using the device after the blinkup.

OK, so we will have to store everything in EEPROM or in our database. I agree with the reason, but it reduces the usability of seriously. We cannot assume our customers won’t ever do a re-blinkup, for whatever reason. Actually, it’s very likely they will during the lifetime of a product so it cannot be used to store data that has to be retained. But I guess that was never the intended use case.

The blinkup library can pass in a static plan ID if needed; you can associate this plan ID with the user’s account in your phone app, and use it again for a subsequent blinkup for that user.

If you do that, the agent ID will stay the same and the data will be preserved.